Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed?

Pro Touch Pool Service has a state certified Pool and Spa contractors license (License # CPC1460298).   Please watch out for companies that claim to be, “licensed” to work on your equipment but only have a Certified Pool Operators Certificate or can’t immediately give you a verifiable license number to look up.  We recommend always checking out a company you are considering using with the state at

Are you insured?

We also carry full liability and workman’s Comp insurance and can provide certificates of both upon request.

How can I verify a company I am considering is licensed to safely work on my pool?

Before you hire anyone we always recommend doing two things.  First, go to and verify they have a Pool and Spa contractors license.  Next go to and check out their Better Business Bureau rating.  If they are not listed with the better Business Bureau or have a low rating it should be considered a red flag to doing business with them.

Why should I use Pro Touch Pool Service for my weekly maintenance?

We are not a, “splash and dash company”.  There are many pool companies that have high employee turnover, give their pool technicians the bare minimum in training and give them too many pools to clean everyday to put the correct amount of attention to make sure things are done correctly.

Our service technicians test the chlorine and PH level of every pool we service every time.  We also check and balance the Calcium, Alkalinity, Cyanuric acid and salt (for salt pools) every month.  This keeps your water safe and the pool looking great.  Poorly maintained or inconsistent pool chemistry will damage your pools surface and equipment over time requiring costly repairs.